How to Build a Healthy Mindset

August 12, 2020

3 Tips to Help you build a healthy mindset

How to be the best version of who you are

Before going into specific exercises, let us elaborate on the importance of maintaining the right mindset, becoming mentally healthy, sustaining an optimal diet and getting enough sleep.

Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.

- Thomas Dekker

The Right Mindset

In our previous article, we have discussed how crucial it is to not just know but strongly believe that fitness should be approached in a well-rounded and long-term way. It should not be something that is accomplished overnight or in a matter of weeks. We should not be looking at instant results since most of these are short-lived and might even cause irreversible health consequences. Think of long-term fitness and health as not an option but something that must, can and will be done.

Also, another issue is about our willingness to adopt new practices and changing our old ways of approaching fitness and health that have been proven to be inefficient or ineffective. When we are not ready to put ourselves out of our comfort zone or adopt better practices, it is difficult to achieve the outcomes that we desire. Therefore, it is essential that we remain open-minded and be proactive in our search for quality knowledge in today’s age of information overload.

Becoming Mentally Healthy

“When the body moves, the mind grooves.” The same thing certainly applies when it comes to mental fitness. At Evanana, we believe a healthy mind is one of the strongest evidences of physical fitness. Staying positive and well-prepared for any challenges you may face in life will set us apart from the rest of the population. Please remember that we are not certified psychologists so this article is not a replacement for expert psychological health advice.

Sustaining An Optimal Diet

What you take in is one of the most important factors, only second to having a good sleep. It will be a struggle to get in shape and be in tip top health condition if we do not become more mindful of what we eat. An optimal diet is one that consists of nutritious and whole food with minimal food processing (limited to none of fast foods, those sweets from the candies section in Coles and salty delicacies), artificials, preservatives and food colouring involved.

Think of dark green leafy vegetables as well as the ones with red/orange, purple/violet, yellowish colours (spinach, broccoli, kale, carrots), whole grain, lean meat, healthy fats (peanut butter, avocado, vegetable oil – where you get your fat from for brain, eye and heart function), nuts (nutrients-packed), seeds (high in fibre for digestion and toxic substance removal), fruits (where you get your sugar, a.k.a. fructose, from for optimal brain and body functions) and seafood (your source of omega 3 and lean protein).

Eat five to six small nutritious meals a day, drink plenty and watch your sugary/fat intake instead of calories intake. Trust me! It becomes overwhelming and unsustainable after a while if you count your calories all the time.

Depending on your eating habit and lifestyle, the pyramid of food can look something like this:

Credit: Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health.

Please refer to this picture and compare your diet with it accordingly. Let us know what your diet looks like in the comment.

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